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How Sigma can help your organization

Organizations use Sigma to send digital Merits to people to verify their accomplishments.

Sigma Merits are valuable to you and your customers:


Merits provide a digital record that is always accessible


Merits can be verified and trusted by your organizations and others


Merits you send are updated to match your records


Merits shape a connected network of users and organizations


Merits from hundreds of organizations live in our shared, standard system


Merits carry rich data that can be analyzed digitally

How Merits Work

The create a merit template screen from the Sigma application

Create a Merit Template

Create custom Merit Templates to support any credential, license, trophy, or achievement you want to send on Sigma.

Merit Templates are saved and editable, so you can edit and revise them over time.

The send a merit screen from the Sigma application

Send a Merit

Use the Admin Dashboard or the Sigma API to send Merits to your members, customers, or users.

Merits can be sent to anyone with an email address, even if they don’t have a Sigma profile yet.

The Sigma mobile app, showing a user screen, who has a number of merits


Merits you send will appear on Sigma profiles on the web, in our mobile apps, and via the Sigma API.

If a Merit's recipient already has a Sigma profile, they can show their new Merit alongside their other Merits. If they don't have a profile yet, they will be invited to claim their profile.


The Sigma mobile app, showing a user screen, showing the QR code for this user


Since only verified, trustworthy organizations are allowed to send Merits on Sigma, those Merits are trusted by other organizations in the world.

Organizations can verify users have earned Merits by scanning their Sigma Keys.

The Sigma Application manage sent merits screen


Manage the Merits you send to keep them up-to-date and control the information users can share.

Merits can be instantly edited, renewed, suspended, or revoked.

Multiple ways to use Sigma

You can manage and verify Merits via our Admin Dashboard in your favorite browser or integrate with your existing solutions using our API.

The Admin dashboard from the Sigma application

Admin Dashboard

Your Admin Dashboard has the tools necessary to manage and verify Merits from within Sigma.
A programming JSON file, just an example

API Integration

Use the Sigma API to manage and verify Merits by automatically connecting to your existing software.

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