About the Sigma API

Using the Sigma API, you can:

- Send and update Merits in an automated fashion using your current software solution.

- Connect your software with Sigma users to instantly verify the Merits they have received from other Orgs.

Benefits of using the Sigma API

Seamless - You can send and update Merits without having to make any changes to your daily workflow.

Trusted - You can automatically verify the Merits people have received with your own software without having to contact other Orgs.

Customizable - You can create custom solutions for industry specific purposes.

The future of the Sigma API

We are continuing to expand the features and functionality of the Sigma API. We are always looking for ways to improve our services. If you have suggestions, questions, or want to start using the Sigma API, please contact us at dev@sig.ma.

Request API Access

The Sigma API is in private beta mode. We are slowly granting access to ensure a good experience.