How do I make a Sigma profile?

Sigma is a platform connecting verified organizations with users. To become a part of Sigma, you need to create a Sigma Org for your organization or have an existing Sigma Org invite you to join.

Existing Sigma Orgs can invite you to join by sending you a Merit to verify one of your achievements. They can also make you an Admin so you can make a profile and use it to manage parts of the organization on Sigma.

If you think you may have already received a Merit or been made an Admin, request an email invite.

How much does it cost to use Sigma?

Sigma’s core functionality for users to receive and manage Merits and for organizations to send Merits is free and always will be.

We also offer various levels of premium support services for organizations looking for extra help launching on Sigma and organizations who need guaranteed faster support time.

I received an email from Sigma about my Merits. How do I get them?

To see and accept Merits sent to you by an organization on Sigma you’ll need to claim your profile or log in if you’ve already made one.

If you still have the email we sent you, you can follow the link there. If not, you can request a link to claim your profile or log in here if you think you already have one.

An organization used Sigma to send me pictures or videos. How do I see them?
Organizations send photos, videos, and other data on Sigma as part of Merits. To see your photos, videos, and more, claim your profile by following the link in the email we sent you, clicking here to request another email, or by logging in to an existing account. Once there, you can view all Merits organizations have sent you. Click or tap on any Merit to open it up and see any photos or videos they might have included.
What if I don't want anyone to see my Merits?

When an organization sends a Merit to a user, the Merit is “Pending” and thus only visible to you and the organization that sent it. Once you accept a Merit, it becomes visible on your profile unless you choose to hide it by clicking “Hide Merit”. When a Merit is hidden, only you and the organization that sent the Merit can see it. When a Merit is public, other people and organizations can view the Merit too.

Why does my organization need to be verified?

To ensure all organizations and Merits on Sigma are trustworthy, we verify every organization’s identity before letting them use some features. You can still create an Org at any time, fill out your information, create Merit Templates, and send Merits. As soon as we speak to and verify you, your Org’s page will become public and any Merits you send will arrive in users’ inboxes.

How can I get my organization verified?

Once you create an Org on Sigma, one of our team members will reach out to you by phone or email to help guide you through the verification process. We will verify that your organization is real and credible and that you have the authority to represent it online and send Merits on its behalf.

How can I transfer my database into Sigma?

You can transfer your database to Sigma by creating a spreadsheet file with one row for each Merit you’d like to send using the “Bulk” feature in your Admin Dashboard. If you need any help at all, please reach out to us at

How do I link Sigma to an existing system?

You can link an existing solution to Sigma using the Sigma API. Our API is currently in private beta and we are slowly granting access to new organizations to ensure a great experience. If you are interested in using the Sigma API, please email us at

Does Sigma work in my country and language?

Sigma works everywhere in the world. Our site and apps currently only work with English, but we plan to add support for many more languages in the future. Reach out to us at to let us know which other languages you’d like to see on Sigma first.

Which browsers can I use Sigma with?

Sigma works best on the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

How long will my photos or videos be available?

Photos and videos live as part of Merit as long as an organization chooses to leave them there. Unless an organization revokes your Merit or explicitly removes them, they’ll be there forever.