How do I get a Sigma account?

There are three ways to get a Sigma account:

  1. You earn a Merit from a Org on Sigma.
  2. You create an Org.
  3. You are made an Admin of an existing Org.

If you have not earned a Merit and are not Admin of an Org, you will not be able to create a profile at this time.

How much does it cost to use Sigma?

Sigma is completely free for Orgs and users. Sending and receiving Merits will always be free. These functions are the heart and soul of Sigma and we believe they should always be free.

I can’t find my email from Sigma. How do I claim my Merits?

If you can’t find your email from Sigma, click the “Claim my Profile” button on any page of Sigma. Enter the email used to receive the Merit and you will be sent an email to claim your profile. After you claim your profile, you can access your Merits.

I am told that my pictures/videos have been sent to me via Sigma, how do I access them?

All photos and videos will be inside the Merit you were sent. To view your photos and videos follow these steps:

  1. Find the email from Sigma about your Merit and click the “claim my profile” button.
  2. Complete the steps to claim your profile.
  3. Find the Merit in your “Pending” section and accept it.
  4. Click on the Merit to open it.
  5. Click on the “Attachments” tab to view any affiliated photos or video.
What if I don't want anyone to see my Merits?

When an Org sends a Merit to a user, the Merit is “Pending” until accepted by the user. Pending Merits are not publicly available. When a user accepts a Merit onto their Sigma profile, they have the ability to decide if they want to make the Merit’s information publicly available or if they would prefer to keep it hidden. When a Merit is hidden, only this user and the Org that sent the Merit know it exists. When a Merit is public, other people and Orgs can view the Merit as well.

Why does my Org need to be verified?

As a policy, Sigma only lets verified Orgs send Merits to users. This ensures the Merits that are sent are legitimate and fraudulent Orgs cannot send fake Merits. To verify, we talk to every Org and confirm they are who they say.

What does the verification process for an Org look like?

One of our team members will reach out to you via phone or email to help guide you through the verification process. We will be verifying that your Org is real, credible, and has the authority to create and send Merits.

As an Org Admin, can I transfer my full customer database into Sigma?

Yes! If you are able to generate a CSV file (spreadsheet) of your database, you can easily transfer your database into Sigma using our CSV upload feature. If you are unable to create a CSV file, please contact for support.

How do I link Sigma to an existing solution?

You can link an existing solution to Sigma using our Sigma API. Our API is currently in private beta and we are slowly granting access to new Orgs to ensure a great experience. If you are interested in using the Sigma API, please email us at

What countries and languages does Sigma support?

Sigma works worldwide but only in English. We plan to add support for many more languages in the future. Reach out to us at to let us know which other languages you’d like to see on Sigma first.

What browsers does Sigma support?

Sigma works best on up-to-date versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

How long will my photos/videos on a Merit be available?

Photos and Videos live as part of a Merit forever. The only way to lose access to your photos and videos is if the Org that sent you the Merit removes them or revokes the entire Merit.